Yes Virginia… you can own your dream house on Aruba!

You’ve done it.  You just finalized your vacation/holiday arrangements for your dream trip to Aruba.  Maybe you have just booked your third, forth or maybe even your tenth trip to your forever dream island.

Fringing turquoise Caribbean waters, Aruba’s  white sandy beaches, hypnotic tradewinds that constantly providing a cooling breeze. You are sitting, sipping on your tropical frozen drink, watching the amazing fire orange red sunset breach the horizon.

Suddenly it hits you.  “I could live here!”, or at the least have a place that I could come when I wanted and then rent it out for the extra income!

Then, the important question comes to your mind… but can I actually buy something here on Aruba?  You ponder, I’m not a resident, I’m not Aruban or Dutch.. do can I really buy my Aruba dream home?

Yes Virginia.. yes you can.

*Tomorrow’s blog will address where and how you need to start your search.


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